TV Screen Repair Service

As the most customer-oriented brand in Kenya, Syinix teamed up with CarlCare to launch the three day maintenance policy for users. To improve the experience of users using the Syinix’s TV product, Syinix will authorize Carlcare to repair all Syinix brand TV received from users within three working days.

1.Benefits for users: Create longer, more convenient, more comfortable home appliances using experience for customers.

2. Repair Service for Specific TV Model

Q51 Series-65Q51/75Q51: Free to Home service.

U51 Series-50U51/55U51: Free to Home service.

A51 Series-32A51/40A51/43A51: Return to the Store for repair.

E51 Series-32E51/32E4M/39E1M/43E1M: Return to the Store for repair.

3.Maintenance conditions:

(1) During the warranty period, users can repair the TV free of charge by issuing the invoice at the time of purchase.

(2) After the warranty period of TV, the customer needs to pay the corresponding cost according to the maintenance situation.

4.Online consulting:

TEL: 0709698888

5.Store address:

(1) 2nd Floor, Caxton House, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.
(2) 2nd Floor, Complex House, Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.
(3) Shop number 111,Skymall basement,Luthuli Avenue ,Nairobi ,Kenya.

For the 50'' U51, 55'' U51, 65'' Q51 TV, we offer VIP service for you.

1. Two years free to home service. Product failure within 2 years, free to home repair (50U51, 55U51, 65Q51).
2. VIP service. Online reservation VIP customer service line acceptance, offline store reservation door-to-door free queuing, free tea.
3. Update software. Free update software installation services.
4. 7 Days DAP. The user shall apply for the replacement policy for performance failure due to the quality problems of the machine with the valid bill within 7 days(the first day is the purchase day).

We will work hard to offer better service for you. Thanks for your trust in our brand.