How to connect Syinix TV to Smart Phone via i-cast or chromecast

"We are enjoy watching movies or video on bigger and crisper TV screen. There’s nothing better than having your favorite videos aired on a large TV screen, especially at home. That’s when you get to enjoy the immersive multimedia experience.

When you want to share a video on your phone with your families, what will you do? We want to show on a bigger screen, then everyone can see very clear. That's why screen mirroring comes in. Screen casting, also known as screen mirroring, allows you to view content from your mobile device on your TV screen. This means that you can easily watch your phone's content on your large TV at home via screen casting.

But how to cast or mirror your screen to TV? Read on to find out how to connect your phone and how to cast to your TV without Wi-Fi connection..

You can cast your phone screen via Cable. You'll need an HDMI cable for the television and an HDMI or MHL for your phone. But the best way of screen mirroring without WiFi is to go completely wireless. If you’ve got a Smart TV that supports a built-in screen casting feature, then you shouldn’t worry about cables or a Wi-Fi connection.

Intelligent TVs like most Synix TVs come with built-in Chromecast or i-cast and Airplay features that let you mirror your phone screen to the TV to stream a video, share photos, or share what’s showing on your screen.​

i-Cast is a screen sharing function available on Syinix Digtal TV without the need of a Wi-Fi network.

i-Cast lets you cast your favorite videos, photos and games from your mobile devices, in full quality to your TV without internet connection.

The connection steps are as followings:

  1. Press the source button on the remote control, all the way down up to i-cast.
  2. Start Cast function from the phone settings.
  3. Search for i-cast TV in the cast function.
  4. Pair and the screen of your device will be casted on the TV screen.

i-cast connection video instructions:

i-cast digital TV recommendation: Syinix 32E4M The Best Digital TV

Chromecast allows you to cast your Google Home devices to your TV from the Google Home app. It works with both iPhone and Android phones. It doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, and no internet connection is required.​

Following these steps to connect via Chromecast:​ 

1.Since no Wi-Fi is available, create a mobile hotspot on your phone and connect your Chromecast TV to it.​

2.Now, open the Google Home​

3.Select your Chromecast device from the list.​

4.Tap Cast my screen, then select Cast Screen to begin.​

5.Google suggests you turn off Power Saving Mode on your phone for full performance.​

Chromecast Smart TV recommendation: Syinix U51 55'' TV

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