Making Google Assistance Useful at Home


Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that uses voice commands to do activities and answer questions. Google Assistant has varying features that differ depending on the device you're using. You may use it to access phone applications, schedule alarms, message contacts, control lights and temperature etc. Open apps on your phone, read your notifications to you, real-time spoken translations, play games

  1. Control your smart home.

Among the most common ways individuals use Google's voice assistant in their homes is by listening to music and watching TV programs and movies.

Google Assistant may also be used to control smart home devices such as cameras, washers and dryers, the doorbells, lights, sockets, heaters, alarm systems, switches, vacuum cleaners, fans, locks, sensors, Aircon units, air conditioners, fridges, grills, and so on.

  1. Use Google Assistant to control your TV.

Google Assistant is also available on a variety of Android TV devices. Syinix TV uses Android OS in its Q51 and A51 series, which means you can control your TV by speaking to your speaker. Google Assistant may also be used to turn on the TV, adjust the volume and change channels, switch between inputs, and play media from your device's Chromecast or other compatible devices.

  1. Receive timely alerts from your house's surveillance camera.

Home surveillance systems and smart doorbells allow you to monitor activity within and outside of your home. If someone rings the doorbell, Google Assistant automatically alerts you via sending an alert to your smart speaker or mobile device, with an option to see the video feed in real time directly from your smartphone or Monitor.

  1. Set timers and alarms.

You may set your favorite song as your alarm on Google Home. You can perform all of this simply with a voice command. Google Home has four alarm types: general, media, character, and morning alarms. When you successfully setup an alarm, Google Home automatically plays back the day and time of your alarm to ensure that it is accurately scheduled.

Google Home is more than simply a stylish set of smart speaker systems and screens. It also has an extensive database of applications and automated processes that you can use to get specific insights and create daily tasks try it today.