The ugali cooker by Syinix electronics, the only of its kind.

Cooking Ugali is a daunting task that is both time and energy consuming. Syinix Electronics introduces the world's first of its kind product that will help ease the ugali making process, The ‘Ugali Cooker’ which has become a game changer in the food industry and is already making heads turn and has already won in 2022 Reddot competition product design of the year.


Africa contains a variety of nutritious cuisines that many people can't make since they need specific expertise, for instance ugali and most mash foods, Syinix electronics has come in to rescue most of those who do not possess the skills. The beauty of the machine is in less than 15 minutes you will have your food ready and its very easy to use, simply add flour or raw food like potatoes or bananas and let the Ugali Cooker do its magic. Sitting on the counter of your kitchen, the Ugali Cooker is very aesthetically appealing, light in weight, and blends in well with most kitchen appliances.


Why you need the Ugali Cooker.


Being a completely automated equipment, the Ugali Cooker takes just a few easy procedures before producing delightful meals. Someone using it will simply need to put the ingredients into the machine in measures as stipulated, and the machine will do the rest of the job. When compared to traditional cooking methods, Ugali Cooker enhances the taste of the food and simplifies the work as there is no need to continually stir. You just sit back relax and let the Ugali Cooker do its magic.


The Ugali Cooker also encourages users to try different swallow food cuisines that guarantees tastes and dietary practices in various African countries. For instance, Banku, fufu, and Konkonte are popular in Ghana; eba, pounded yam, amala, and semolina are popular in Nigeria; while ugali and other mash foods are popular in Kenya. Ugali Maker also provides unique food, allowing individuals to experiment with different ingredients and recipes.


 Large capacity and easy to clean, the "Ugali cooker" is a large-capacity equipment that is capable of making meals for a family of up to five people, which fits the demands of a large number of African family units. Its detachable knife blade and nonstick surface design make cleaning up residue from foods a breeze.